Wow! Imports, LLC

Wholesalers of Fine Indigenous Handcrafted Home Decor


Our handcrafted collections are truly unique and feature numerous products in different styles and colors. Please use our Wholesale Request Form to request full wholesale pricing and specs for each collection that interests you.



The Wow Signature Collection. A unique collection of plates and bowls in tons of sizes.  A contemporary take on the ancient
                        art of Iznik, available in 9 awesome hues to mix and match.  The Holy Kheyameya Collection.  Egyptian cotton applique cushion
                        covers, table runners, bedspreads, wallhangings, you name it.  100% handmade, in striking traditional Islamic designs and
                        color combinations that really work.

The Forgotten Collection and The Nile Indian Collection. Defying the standard of flat-weaves.  Handwoven of the best
                        long shank desert sheep wool, their plush weave and softness mixed with the flat-weave durability that you love make our rugs
                        truly unique on the American market.

The Zanzibar Collection.  Now here's a product to feel really good about.  Dyed using Vegetables and Solar Energy, this
                        collection includes baskets, floor mats, placemats and napkin rings.  Meticulously handwoven in one of the most beautiful
                        places on Earth.  The Jumping Jack Collection.  24 different handcrafted personalities kicking their legs and arms (or wings)
                        all over the place with the pull of a string.  Retailers beware - this item is HOT!  Currently our top selling gift item,
                        this collection is taking every main street shop in America by storm.